You get what you pay for

A friend called Monday to ask if we would consider writing a piece on the importance of immigrants to Iowa agriculture. We have written the book on it, literally, to be published Oct. 2. We were having a friendly conversation about our mutual interests when she lamented that she was having a hard time selling a $50,000 house after having advertised it on the radio. I told her that was the problem. It is hard to see a house on the radio. Print is the answer. Run that ad once with us and we will run it again for free a week later with “SOLD!” marked on it in red.

She chuckled but did not bite.

Another “friend” on Facebook said she wished that our editorials and opinion columns were published every week on Facebook so that she might read them for free. I don’t eat much, but I do need to eat. I cannot eat that Pulitzer Prize paper weight.

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Art Cullen