We are the silverfish of humanity

Tigranes the Armenian had a migraine when the messenger came with news that Lucullus the Roman was on his way to settle a score over, of all places, Syria. Tigranes cut off the messenger’s head which caused no one pain, at least that the messenger could report, but Tigranes had a big headache when Lucullus did show up. Nobody else brought him bad news, and eventually Tigranes was swallowed up by the Roman Empire and couldn’t hear it anymore.

“No one loves the messenger who brings bad news,” Sophocles reflected in Antigone.

It should come as no shock that Iowans love God and the military and the Iowa State Patrol, salute, but the lowly reporter is forever scorned. So sayeth the Iowa Poll last week. The media is down there in Iowans’ estimation with Congress, which has the lowest approval record since Tigranes lost Syria.

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Art Cullen