Just a few weeks ago we commented on those Spencer teens who called Storm Lake teens “beaners.” Before that, we commented on folks in Mason City not wanting a new pork plant because it would attract undesirable immigrants and “bad elements” like Storm Lake, they said. Before that, we reported on public comments in Iowa Falls of the same tenor. And before that, we were defending Storm Lake against other comments made at a city council meeting in Spencer about immigrants and Storm Lake. This commenting has been going on a full quarter-century.

So we were shocked — shocked — to hear that a couple radiocasters from Forest City working the home game against Eagle Grove made disparaging remarks about the visiting Latinos. The man with white hair was fired by the radio station and the woman, who also is a longtime Forest City teacher, was placed on administrative leave by the school district and fired by the radio station. She needed to retire anyway.

Certainly the other teachers don’t talk that way, or the other radio folks or anybody else in Forest City or Eagle Grove or Spencer or Mason City.

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Art Cullen